Move-in report: Your most important document

When moving into an apartment the landlord and tenant typically make a move-in report (indflytningsrapport). As a tenant, this is your most important document to ensure that you get a fair deal when moving out and you only pay for the renovations you should. Many tenants neglect the importance of this document, which often leads to the loss of their entire deposit after the move-out inspection.


Rent Hero offers you to handle the entire process: from move-in report to move-out report – and legal action if necessary.

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Why did we create this service?

Rent Hero gets hundreds of requests from expats who need legal help getting a fair deal when renting housing in Denmark. Through all the cases we’ve seen, where tenants are overpaying for renovations, there were few where we could help – this was due to one reason: tenants not knowing how to challenge the move-in and move-out reports made by the landlord and then signing it.


That’s why we’ve created this product to make sure that tenants get the proper help to keep their deposit. By teaming up with housing inspectors with 30 years of experience we can now offer you both strong legal help and help you make proper move-in/out reports.

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Professional documentation

Good documentation is important to make sure you don’t pay for renovations which you shouldn’t. It is especially important if it becomes necessary to challenge the deposit through the legal system.


Using the Matterport technology Rent Hero offers a full 3D photo-scan of the home to ensure that all details are well documented.

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Why are landlords having tenants pay for all these renovations?

In 2015 the law for what renovations tenants should pay for changed to favor the tenants. Now tenants should only pay for damages exceeding normal ‘wear and tear’ and the most notable change: tenants couldn’t pay for renovations that brought the apartment in better condition than when they moved in.


So, if you are renting out apartments its extremely important that the apartment is always newly renovated when a tenant moves in or else you can’t get any reparations done at the tenant’s expense (and give the nice paying job to your best friend who’s a contractor). All move-in reports are made by the landlord with one interest: getting as many ‘newly renovated’ checkmarks as possible. Our specialists can help you challenge this process, so you keep as much of your deposit as possible.

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What do you get?

Our offer includes the following


  • Handle your move-in inspection and make a list of all damages in the home
  • Handle your move-out inspection and legal process if the landlord doesn’t comply
  • Create a 3D photo-model for documentation
  • Legal assistance throughout the rental period
  • Read your lease and verify it
  • We offer a full refund if you’re not satisfied with the result


All included: 4995DKK 

‘Pick and choose’: Custom price

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