What to expect from a move-out inspection (fraflytningssyn)

At the move-out inspection (fraflytningssyn) you will go through the home and note any damages that needs to be repaired. It’s critical to have studied the move-in report (if you got one), pictures and any emails sent to your landlord within 14 days from moving in – this will make it easier to challenge any damages and can save you thousands.


During the move-out inspection the inspector will make a move-out report (udflytningsrapport).

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What is a move-out report (fraflytningsrapport) and what is its importance?

The move-out report is the legal document that covers the condition of the apartment and what renovations should be made. The difference in condition betweent the move-in and move-out report, that are not caused by ‘normal wear and tear’, is what you as a tenant need to pay for.


When signing the move-out report you accept the terms and it can be difficult to challenge through the legal system. If you aren’t agreeing with the inspector’s evalutation our best advice is to not sign the move-out report.

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What happens after the move-out inspection

After the move-out inspection your landlord will contact the companies they use to refurbish homes and get them to make offers on the work stated in the move-out report – it’s typically much more expensive compared to hiring the company yourself, as they know they can charge as much as they want.


These offers will get deducted from your deposit and the remainder (if any) will be transferred back to you. This whole process can take anywhere from a few weeks to a couple of months depending on the landlord. There’s no legal limit on how long it’s allowed to take as long as it is ‘within a reasonable time’.

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We offer to assist you throughout the process, but we’ve also written this guide for you to better understand the rules.

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Already moved out?

If you have already moved out and are not satisfied with the amount you have to pay for refurbishment, Rent Hero can help you assess your case and pursue the case through the legal system.


Our fee is 50% of the savings we can get you. An example could be, that your landlord pays you 10.000kr of your deposit back and keeps 15.000 for renovations. We are then able to get the 15.000 back, in which case we are paid 7500kr and you are getting an extra 7500.

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About to move out?

If you’re about to move out and want us to handle your move-out inspection and report, we can provide you with a move-out specialist who ensures that you get a fair deal. As an added service we will also pursue the case through the legal system in case of a dispute with your landlord.


This price for this service is 3995DKK for handling the move-out inspection, move-out report and the ongoing dialogue with your landlord.

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