About to move out? Get back your full deposit.

Many tenants don’t expect to get back their deposit – it doesn’t have to be that way! Landlords have no incentive to hire contractors who charge a fair price, as it’s not their money. We help you hand over your apartment as contractually obligated – at the right price.

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This is how our service works

Want your full deposit back and pay a fair price when moving out? This is how our service works


1) We go over your rental agreement, move-in report and any correspondences you’ve had with your landlord. Here we determine what refurbishments you’re contractually obligated to do.


2) We send you an offer to have the apartment refurbished which you can choose to accept. Our experience is that we can help save you around 30% and reduce the risk of you having to pay for something which you weren’t liable to pay for.


3) If you choose to have us handle it, we’ll contact your landlord to handle any details such as what paint is to be used and what varnish to use on the floors.


4) Once you get the deposit back you pay our invoice. In case of a dispute with the landlord, then we’ll handle that as part of our service.

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Free evaluation and quote

No two cases are 100% alike which is why we provide a free evaluation of all cases along with our price for having the apartment refurbished. The major costs of a refurbishment are typically painting and sanding, where we have teamed up with handpicked companies that can deliver great results at the right price.

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Need help with your new rental?

Are you moving into a new rental apartment? As part of our service, we help go over your new contract. We can also provide you with our best tips for ensuring you properly document the condition of your new apartment to ensure a fair move out down the road. This service is optional and not something we charge for.

Our guarantee to you

At Rent Hero we’ve talked with hundreds of tenants who had issues with their deposit when moving out. Pursuing legal action to dispute the costs of the workmen, the landlord has hired, is a lengthy and expensive process (and hard to win) which is why we’ve seen the need for a new solution.


We strive to deliver a great experience to our customers and nothing is more important to us than delivering value. We hope our Trustpilot page reflects that.

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