Meet Jonathan

Jonathan and his roomates were in Denmark to study and had rented an apartment for the six month period. After vacating the apartment the landlord refused to pay back their deposit as he were claiming they had done multiple damages.


Jonathan had to move back to Finland and sought our help to fix the issue as the amount exceeded 35.000kr.

Assessing the case

We went over all the correspondances, contracts and images. Here we found out, that the landlord was not entitled to get money back as he hadn’t used the proper lease.


We also found out, that he had been overcharging for rent-controlled housing by about 50%!

The settlement

We knew we had a good case and could easily win it through the legal system – but it would have taken 6-8 months for a verdict. After a week back-and-forth we reached a settlement that both parties agreed upon.

The back payment and future terms

Jonathan and his roommates got back 45.000DKK in compensation for excess rent and deposit. From he contacted us to the case was settled and the money transferred it took less than a month. Something we strive to do for all our clients as settlements can be a good option in deposit cases.

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