What is the housing court and how does it differ from the rent board (huslejenævnet)?

In Denmark, we have established rent boards (huslejenævn) to be the first entity to rule in disputes between tenants and landlords – this is done to avoid overburdening the court system with cases. Due to this, the rent boards make faster rulings but are also less thorough and do not require the tenant to have representation if they don’t want to.


A verdict from the rent board can be appealed to the housing court (and from the housing court to the district court as the last instance). In court cases the winning party will be appointed court cost by the losing party which is typically 30.000-40.000DKK to cover costs for representation – this is why many tenants who are being sued, typically do not go to court as the risk might outway the benefits.

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How to win Housing Court cases and why access to comparable apartments are crucial

In the rent board, rulings regarding the rent level are mainly based on the judge’s expertise and experience. In Housing Court, the judges rule on the evidence presented by the tenant and landlord’s lawyers. For a tenant to win cases regarding the rent level, they need access to apartments that are comparable to the apartment they rented (which also has had a ruling regarding the rent level) – many housing lawyers have a very hard time finding these apartments, and gaining access to them on the day of the trial. We have solved this problem. 


For the past three years, we’ve been constructing a vast database of 500+ verdicts along with 3D scans of the apartments with rulings in them. This data gives our clients an advantage no one else can offer. 

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See our Rent Map with 500+ verdicts

Our approach is to both use quantitative data and qualitative data to lift the burden of proof and help tenants get the same outcome in court as in the rent board (or better).


Our Rent Map is a public tool we’ve built that displays 500+ rulings from the rent boards and courts. We have also built a professional tool that allows us to withdraw, analyze and visualize the data for court. 

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Need representation?

If you have won a case in the rent board or appeal board (huslejenævnet/ankenævnet) and the landlord has sued you in housing court, then we can help you win the case and get the proper representation.


Rent Hero collaborates with housing lawyers and offers a variety of financial models to help you with the case and cover risk in the event that you are without legal insurance. Contact us to learn more.

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Already have representation?

If you already have a lawyer who is handling your case then we can help ensure that you lift the burden of proof to win the case. Feel free to contact us or have your representative get in touch – we’re always happy to help 🙂

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