Meet Thyen

Thyen had just moved to Denmark and contacted us at the start of June as he found out he was overpaying for rent-controlled housing through Rent Hero’s online calculator.


After signing up for our service we answered his questions and he decided to pursue the rent-reduction.

The first steps

Thyen’s landlord is a big company in the Copenhagen rental market, but our initial attempts to trying to reach a settlement went unresponded…


This meant we had to file the case through the ‘House of tenants’ and pursue it through the legal system.

Filing the case and waiting for the verdict

The case was filed through the legal system on Frederiksberg who typically takes around 3-4 months for a verdict. After a few months, a 15 minute inspection of the apartment was planned and a month later the verdict was in.


Thyen had been overpaying about 30% for rent-controlled housing  and the terms of the lease was now changed in his favor.

The back payment and future terms

Because Thyen had been staying in a newly renovated apartment for less than 12 months he was eligible to get the excess rent he had been paying back with an 8% interest. As the rent was now lowered the 3 months deposit he had paid also needed to be adjusted. This added up to 53.000kr which was transferred to his account – our fee was 16.000kr.


Thyen’s new rent meant he’d save around 33.000kr a year for the remainder of his stay.

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