About to sign a contract?

So, you’ve found an apartment you like and are about to sign the contract. Everything looks fine until you get to the section 11 of it – here you’re met with a wall of text in Danish along with paragraphs. What does it all mean and what parts are relevant for you to understand?


We offer to go through it and give our comments on what parts you should be aware of, which parts are illegal, and what parts you should try to have changed. Once you’ve gotten our comments, we schedule a video call to go over it together.


The price for this is 1.995kr and our clients end up saving vastly more by knowing their rights.

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You signed the contract! Now what?

You’ve signed a contract and are about to move into your new apartment. Great! But you still need to do one more thing, to ensure you don’t end up paying for refurbishments you are not liable for.


A tenant has a 14-day window from moving in, to submit any faults they find to contest the move-in report made by the landlord. We offer to do a full 360-model of your apartment which is your own documentation – this ensures you don’t end up paying for refurbishments that bring the apartment into better condition than when you moved in.


Many refurbishments costs at least the full deposit and our experience is, that having this, will end up saving you drastically more.

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