Your tenancy is safe; here’s why:

The short answer is no. The Danish rental law protects the tenants and makes sure, that it’s very difficult to terminate a lease. This is done to ensure that tenants aren’t getting forced to move due to Landlords wanting to sell the building or if a tenant wants the rent reduced in a rent controlled building.

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When is it possible for a landlord to terminate your lease?

A landlord can terminate your contract if you are doing any of the following:


  • Not paying your rent
  • Using the apartment as an office instead of a home
  • Damaging the apartment
  • Threatening or causing harm to other residents in the building


Any of the above puts you in breach of the tenancy agreement. 

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My lease is time limited - is that legal?

There are only a few circumstances when a landlord can time limit the lease. These are if the landlord is… 


  • Travelling and will return to live in their home after a period of time.
  • Working in a different city or country for a period of time and returning to live in their home when the contract has ended.
  • Not able to sell the property without a loss (very unlikely in the current economic climate).
  • Suffering an illness that has forced them to move.


If your lease is time limited, then the reason must be written into the contract, and we have found that most are nearly always not valid. What reasons have you been given?

What if my landlord wants to sell the property?

Don’t panic – this will not affect your tenancy. Your landlord is perfectly entitled to sell their property, but they must do so with you as a tenant. In reality, this almost never happens because having an existing tenant reduces the sale price significantly.

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Wait - there is just one exception to the rule...

The only valid option for a landlord to terminate your lease without you being at fault is if they are selling their current primary residence and plan to move into the home you are renting. In these circumstances, they must give you one year’s notice and prove that they are actually selling their home. 


Note, that this only applies to private landlord’s who have previously lived in the home – not companies.

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