Meet Daniel

Daniel contacted us at the start of June as he had used our calculator to find out, that he was paying way too much in rent for his 72sqm apartment on Frederiksberg.


We then researched the building and found out it was a rent-controlled apartment built in the year 1936 and the landlords had been overcharging him 20-25%.

The first steps

Before filing a case Daniel wanted to know more about the rental law and regulations, so we scheduled a phone call where we went through the case and how we usually deal with cases like this.


Afterward, he signed our contract and we constructed a plan of action for his approval before we sent a settlement offer to his landlord.

The settlement offer

His landlords were a professional rental company and they knew they had overcharged. They were eager to make a settlement as they didn’t want the case in the house of tenants (the rent then becomes public history, which makes it difficult renting it out at excess price again).


After a few weeks of back and forth, we had a deal in place which we presented to Daniel.

Daniel saved 43.000 DKK on his lease

We presented the settlement offer to Daniel and he accepted it. A few days later we had an amendment to his lease stating his new rent ready for his signature.


Daniel paid us our fee of 12.500 and got the rest of the savings. Want to get your rent reduced as well? Sign up for our service by clicking the button.

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