Rent Hero contacted Politiken to bring the systematic exploitation of expats into the awareness of the media.
A big article about Rent Hero in Copenhagen's expat newspaper
Rent Hero provided data to bring the exploitation of expats into the media.
Rent Hero provided data to bring the exploitation of expats into the media.
Rent Hero contacted Politiken to bring the systematic exploitation of expats into the awareness of the media.
A big article about Rent Hero in Copenhagen's expat newspaper
How can we help you?

Rent Hero is a ‘No cure, no pay’ legal service that helps expats get a fair deal on their lease. We primarily help you with two things: Reducing your rent with 25-40% to comply with goverment regulations and cases about deposits withheld for renovations you shouldn’t pay for.


We believe that expats should get the same fair treatment as Danes on the housing market. Agree?

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How come I can get my rent reduced?

In Denmark, the housing market is regulated by the governmental entity ‘The house of tenants’. They exist to make sure that the housing market won’t become too expensive for people who can’t afford to buy real estate, thus limiting social mobility.


This is what’s happening in Berlin, London, Stockholm and most major cities in the world. We don’t think that’s a good thing. Do you?

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Why are we helping expats?

Landlords looking to break the rules most often look for expats, as they don’t know the rental law and judicial systems. On average expats pay 28% more in rent for rent-controlled housing compared to Danes (in some categories 40-50% ). We don’t think that’s fair. Do you?

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How does Rent Hero work?

Want to read how we helped reclaim a withheld deposit and got a back-payment for excess rent?

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Will my Landlord terminate my lease?

No, Landlords are not able to terminate your lease, due to you wanting to pay what they’re legally allowed to charge. Most contracts signed by expats are void, as Landlords don’t follow the Danish rental law. The law is constructed to protect tenants from time-limited rentals and Landlords being able to terminate the lease.


Read our guide if you’re in doubt about your rights:

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How much should I be paying in rent?

We have designed a calculator to help you get an estimate of the rent your landlord is legally allowed to charge. Try it here.

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Moving in or out of your home?

Many landlords exploit expat’s lack of knowledge about the Danish rental law, to have them pay for unnecessary renovations when moving out. By law, a tenant should only pay for renovations that exceed normal ‘wear and tear’.


Depending on whether you have moved out or are about to move in, we offer to different services.

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How much will this service cost?

Rent Hero is a ‘No cure, no pay’ service. This means that we only get paid if we are able to secure you a reduction in your rent or get you a back payment for the excess rent you’ve been paying. Depending on your lease, you’ll be eligible for a back payment for up to 36 months for the excess rent you’ve been paying.


Our fee is 50% of first year’s saving or 50% of the total settlement (in case you’re not staying there for more than a year). Our philosophy is that we don’t get paid unless you get paid.

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Who is the team behind Rent Hero?

Hi! We’re Alex and Mads – the founders of Rent Hero. If you’re reading this you’re probably curious about who we are and if we’re the right guys to help you out. A good question! So let’s tell you a bit about ourselves.


Mads: Hi there, I’m the guy on the left. I spent 5 years studying law at Copenhagen University and my job is to make sure, that your case is air-tight and that we get you fair compensation. Through my work at the Danish Military, I helped wounded veterans get proper compensation and learned first-hand how people who don’t know the law often times get a bad deal. Sounds familiar?


Alex: I’m the guy on the right. I’ve been an entrepreneur for the past nine years and have primarily been working in the real estate industry. Many of the companies still exist today and I take what I do very seriously. The reason Rent Hero was founded, was due to the fact that I was looking for a rental apartment in Copenhagen and got told I couldn’t go to a viewing of an apartment because I wasn’t an expat. This made me curious and I found out, that’s because many Landlords only wants expats because they can overcharge for their rent-controlled housing.


It’s important to enforce a regulated market if we want to keep affordable housing in our cities – both for people renting and buying. In an unregulated market, there is only one winner: the large corporations. If you believe the same, then sign up to our service and let’s have chat about how we can help you out.

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Frequently asked questions
If you don't get answers to your questions here, feel free to reach out via email or the chat function.
Will I get kicked out of my apartment?

We get this question a lot and the answer is no. Your Landlord is not able to cancel your contract due to you having a case against them. In almost all cases, expats are signing invalid rental agreements. Read more about the Danish Rental Law in our quick guide here:

My Landlord is keeping my entire deposit for renovations. Can you help me?

Yes, most landlords try to get tenants to pay for renovations which are illegal to charge. As a tenant, you should only pay for damages that exceed normal ‘wear and tear’, but landlords try to get you to pay for the painting of the apartment and sanding of the floor. As part of our service, we also help with this part which often amounts to large savings.

What does a typical case look like?

First, we’ll assess your case by looking over your lease. If you have a case we’ll contact your Landlord to try to settle the case ourselves. If your Landlord won’t settle, we’ll take the case in front of ‘Huslejenævnet’ who’ll make a verdict. Your Landlord can then choose to abide by the verdict or appeal it to the Housing Court. Going to the Housing Court is rare in these cases.

How long does a case take?

Typically a case takes less than a month. But if your Landlords chooses not to settle it can take around 2-8 months based on the cases. But you will get paid retroactively from the day your case is sent to the courts. You will receive the payment in your bank account when the verdict is done.

Why is your fee 50% of first year's savings?

Rent Hero helps you from A-Z and covers all costs related to your case – including if the case is appealed to housing court. As a company we have decided not take outside investments – this means all the work we’re doing is self-funded from our own savings. For us to have startup that is able to employ full-time employees with a decent wage and invest heavily in ads that informs expats about their rights (and of course our service) that is the price we need to charge – right now. As word-of-mouth starts to spread and we begin to gain trust we will obviously gain more customers. And as we get more customers and have more cases the cost of handling a case falls as we become better and more efficient. At this point we will lower our price. We expect to be able to lower our prices within the next 6-12 months (it’s august 2019 now) and will be updating about this frequently. Got any questions? Give us a call or write an email and we have no trouble sharing our numbers 🙂

P.S. This business model is very much inspired by how Tesla started out:

How do you know what a fair price is?

Part of Rent Hero’s “secret sauce” is that we have access to more than 20.000 data entries which helps us calculate a fair price. This data makes it easy for us to win court cases and make fair settlement offers.

Can I submit a case myself?

Yes, if you want to make a case yourself you can. Contact your local municipality to hear more about your options or read about what cases you can submit to ‘Huslejenævnet’ on their webpage. Just note, that a verdict at huslejenævnet does not mean you’ll get the money or can take that claim to civil court – we strongly encourage pursuing a settlement for the best result and getting an insurance that will cover your expenses if the case goes to housing court (through Rent Hero we’ll cover this part).

If you need guidance with this, we are happy to help. Just send us an email at

What if i'm no longer living in the apartment?

You don’t have to live in the apartment to have a case. As long as you lived in your former apartment for less than 12 months (36 months if your apartment wasn’t renovated) you can make a case retroactively and get the excess amount you paid returned.

Will my Landlord go out of business if I get the rent reduced?

No. Your Landlord is by law entitled to at least 7% interest on their investment. In many cases, it will be much higher. Making (at least) 7% interest in this booming economy is very good – most banks offer a negative interest rate right now…

Do you help Landlords set the right price?

Yes, if you are a Landlord in doubt of what amount you can charge for your apartment we’d love to help you out for free. Our goal is to make sure that everyone understands the rental law and abides by it. Feel free to reach out at

Is it true that you help expats with legal questions for free?

Yes, we love to help out even if we don’t get paid – good advice shouldn’t cost a fortune. Have any questions regarding your lease or the rental law? Feel free to reach out at

Are we missing something?

Write your question to and we’ll answer you. We’ll also add it to our FAQ for others to see.

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